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Spindustries will keep you up to date with ideas and tips for our metal spinning and spin forming industry as well as news from our own company. We'll try to share ideas and processes that will help our customers and individuals interested in our unique form of manufacturing.

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Sixth Recipient of “Ron Tank Award” Celebrates 40 Years of Service

This year we are pleased to name the sixth recipient of the Award, Kevin Koch, who is a spinning lead. Long-term service and the knowledge of Spinning that comes with it are a tradition at Spindustries.

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Hercules Series Automatic Spinning Lathe is Newest Addition to Auto Spin Department

We are proud to announce the addition of a new Hercules series automatic spinning lathe to our auto spin department. With a 46” swing and the ability to process material up to ¼” thick, this will be a valuable asset for years to come in service to our customers. 

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Spindustries Received Upgraded Manufacturing and Operations Software System

Upgrades have been made to Spindustries Manufacturing & Operations Software System. The privately developed software package covers all the bases from sales and order management to work orders and material management.

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