What Is Metal Spinning?

Metal spinning is a form of symmetrical metalworking where a flat circle, or circular, piece of metal is fitted into a hand lathe or CNC lathe. Held in place by a pressure pad, the metal disk is spun at an appropriate speed. A localized force utilizing a variety of rollers or tools is applied either by hand or by machine to gradually form the metal over a “chuck” or mandrel. In complex spinnings, multiple chucks may be used to accomplish a specific shape. Chucks are made from hardened metals or wood (see Special Considerations).

Spindustries works with a wide variety of materials including aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and mild steel. While some materials can be spun cold, others require annealing to be shaped effectively.

example of metal spinning process

Key Advantages to Metal Spinning

Metal spinning has significant advantages over other forms of metalworking such as stamping, forging, or casting.

  • Lower tooling costs than other forms of metal shaping
  • Equally perfect for prototyping or high quantity production
  • Multiple forming steps may be accomplished at the same time
  • Single piece (seamless) parts may be stronger or withstand higher pressure

Key Advantages With Spindustries

  • Over 60 years of metal spinning experience
  • Proven track record of on time delivery, rush services, and unparalleled customer service
  • Over 40 lathes including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic CNC capable of completing a variety of tasks at a time
  • On-site press department with presses up to 150 ton capacity
  • Able to coordinate and consult to improve efficiencies or reduce costs
  • Extensive value-added services including welding, polishing, powder coating, brushed or textured finishes, part washing or degreasing.

Application of Metal Spinning or Spin Forming

We are proud to serve a wide variety of industries and markets. Parts produced by Spindustries are used in commercial, industrial, residential and institutional applications around the world. Industries and products that utilize our parts and services:

Air Filtration
Air Handling
Chemical Processing
Food and Beverage Processing
Food Service
Industrial Machinery
Pollution Control
Retail Fixtures

Commercial Vehicles
Farm Equipment
Material Handling
Petroleum Processing
Recreational Equipment
Safety Products
Scientific Equipment

Let Spindustires put our metal spinning experience to work for you. Contact us with your special requirements for design consultation or a quote request.