Aluminum Metal Spinning or Spin Forming

Aluminum is used frequently for the metal spinning or spin forming process. Lightweight and resistant to corrosion, aluminum offers an excellent, less expensive alternative to stainless steel. Aluminum spun parts can be produced in large quantities or in single-piece prototype parts.

Typical types of aluminum used by Spindustries include:

  • 1100-0 (commercially pure, soft temper)
  • 3002-0, 3003-0, and 3003-H14
  • 5052-0, 5052-H32 (saltwater sensitive shore applications)
  • 6061-0 (aviation and marine applications, soft temper)

Spindustries can utilize aluminum blanks 48" in diameter up to 0.312" thick, 60" aluminum blanks up to 0.190" thick. In some situations, Spindustries can work with blanks up to 84" in diameter.

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