Metal Spinning and Spin Forming

Put the experience of Spindustries to work for all of your metal spinning and spin forming needs; from traditional manual metal spinning to cutting edge CNC metal spinning. The metal spinning process is perfect for a wide variety of industries that require consistent tolerances, fast turn-around, and uncompromising quality.

Spindustries has built a reputation of quality with an incredibly low level of returns, fast turn-around times, custom work, and design advice that cuts time and costs from production. Extensive experience and history with vendors gives Spindustries an edge in materials purchasing, manufacturing chain connectivity, and rapid design to production.

While specializing in large aluminum and stainless steel, Spindustries is one of the few metal spinning specialists able to work with such a wide array of materials including:

Spinnable Blank Diameters
Material Thickness Diameter
Aluminum up to: 0.312" up to: 48"
up to: 0.190" up to: 60"
Steel up to: 0.250" up to: 48"
up to: 0.090" up to: 60"
Copper/Brass up to: 0.250" up to: 48"
up to: 0.125" up to: 60"
Stainless Steel up to: 0.187" up to: 48"
up to: 0.075" up to: 60"
In some situations, Spindustries can work with blanks up to 84" in diameter.
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