Metal Spinning Design Considerations

Typical Metal Spinning or Spin Forming Tolerances

General tolerances in metal spinning are +/- 1/32" (0.0313"), however each job must be evaluated on its own merits and special circumstances.

Tolerances will vary based on the part profile and the type and thickness of the material. Tolerances are generally inside diameter (ID) based as thinning of the material will occur during the spinning process. A more generous radius tolerance will normally ease production of a design. Radius tolerances will usually be 2X material thickness or greater. Flanges, beads, returns and reveals are common in spun metal parts design.

Welded wraps, drawn shells and tubing as well as circles, are candidates for spinning. Shapes not possible from other forming processes become possible with metal spinning.
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While specializing in large aluminum and stainless steel, Spindustries is one of the few metal spinning specialists able to work with such a wide array of materials including:

Spinnable Blank Diameters
Material Thickness Diameter
Aluminum up to: 0.312" up to: 48"
up to: 0.190" up to: 60"
Steel up to: 0.250" up to: 48"
up to: 0.090" up to: 60"
Copper/Brass up to: 0.250" up to: 48"
up to: 0.125" up to: 60"
Stainless Steel up to: 0.187" up to: 48"
up to: 0.075" up to: 60"
In some situations, Spindustries can work with blanks up to 84" in diameter.
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